Automatically Log
Sales Activities to CRM

LiiD tracks all your calls and emails automatically to your CRM. You can view your activities at any time with LiiD and feel assured that your CRM is being updated with accurate and reliable data.
Complete Tasks with the Personal Sales Assistant
LiiD comes with a personal sales assistant which analyzes your activities and provides you with a list of tasks to complete. For example, it reminds you to reply to any new or unanswered emails and respond to any phone calls that you may have missed.
Save Meetings and Add Notes by Speech-to-text
Sync your calendar with LiiD and easily log all your events and meetings to your CRM with just one swipe. You can easily add comments on how your meeting went with speech-to-text.
Scan Business Cards
LiiD's business card scanner can read business cards with ease and automatically create new leads and contacts into your CRM on your behalf.